ASEAN Cooperation in Forestry

In contributing to the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint:

A.7. Food, Agriculture and Forestry

  • Enhance intra- and extra- ASEAN trade and long-term competitiveness of ASEAN’s food, agriculture and forestry products/commodities.
  • Promote cooperation, joint approaches and technology transfer among ASEAN Member Countries and international, regional organisations and private sector:
    • Develop joint strategies/ positions on issues of related interest to ASEAN with international organizations such as WTO, FAO, OIE, IPPC, CODEX, CITES, and Dialogue Partners;
    • Promote collaborative research and technology transfer in agriculture, food and forestry products;
    • Strengthen efforts to combat illegal logging and its associated trade, forest fire and its resultant effects.

In contributing the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint:

D.11. Promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)

Strategic Objective: Promote the implementation of sustainable management of forest resources in the ASEAN region and eradicating unsustainable practices including combating illegal logging and its associated trade through amongst others; capacity building, technology transfer, enhancing public awareness and strengthening law enforcement and governance.

  • Implement Strategic Plan of Action of the ASEAN Cooperation in Forestry (2005-2010);
  • Encouraging environmentally sustainable planning and management of the ASEAN region’s forests;
  • Strengthen to address social cultural aspect of illegal logging and its associated trade in particular poverty eradication and illicit practices such as corruption and money laundering;
  • Support for global and regional initiatives to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and to promote a reformed afforestation and reforestation under the Clean Development Mechanism (A/R-CDM) effort and to identify and avail appropriate international incentives and assistance;
  • Support the implementation of regional forest related initiatives such as the “Heart of Borneo” initiatives, the Asia Forest Partnership and Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation, as well as global efforts such as Forestry Eleven Forum;
  • Enhance the capacities and human resources, including research and development in the forestry sector to achieve Sustainable Forest Management (SFM);
  • Strengthen ASEAN Cooperation and joint approaches in addressing international and regional forestry issues to aprticipate in the development of a global partnership for development;
  • Promote forest management involving the community living within and surrounding the forest for the sustainability of the forest and prosperity of the people;
  • Promote the eradication of unsustainable practices and related illicit activities;
  • Strengthen the implementation of forest law enforcement and governance to achieve sustainable management of forest resources and to support the sustainable development objective of Millennium Development Goals, including eradicating and combating illegal logging and its associated trade as well as combating the issue of illicit practices such as corruption and money laundering; and
  • Implement the work plan for strengthening forest law enforcement and governance in ASEAN (2008-2015).

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