ASFN Knowledge Roadshow


Head of ASFN Secretariat Ms Sagita Arhidani received one of the non-timber forest products (NTFP) made of bamboo lamination for stationeries, from Director General Dr. Theerapat Prayurasiddhi witnessed by Director of Community Forestry Management Bureau of the Royal Forestry Department (RFD) who is the ASFN Leader for Thailand Mr. Pralong Dumrongthai, and the ASOF Leader Thailand Mr. Suchat Kalyawongsa.The event taking place at the RFD Office in Bangkok on 20 March 2015 was part of the ASFN Knowledge Roadshow with one of the main objectives was seeking advice from the ASEAN Member States for the priority activities of ASFN for the next five years, and also to provide update from the ASFN Secretariat on the activities organized in 2015. During the meeting Dr. Prayurasiddhi delivered his speech that the Govenment of Thailand puts high priority for social forestry and also endeavors to engage community forestry. Moreover, Mr. Dumrongthai expressed his support about forest land certification and to improve NTFP for the people to reduce pressures of logging in forest.