• Policy dialogue on social forestry in Southeast Asia: investing in a sustainable future for people and forests

    BY ROB FINLAYSON · SEPTEMBER 11, 2015 ‘Forestry is not about trees, it is about people. And it is about trees only insofar as trees can serve the needs of people.’ Jack Westoby   Key messages from the policy dialogue In order to ensure that local communities benefit from the integration of

  • ASFN Participates on WFC XIV, in Durban, South Africa

    September, 7-11, 2015– Durban, South Africa. ASEAN Social Forestry Network (ASFN) along with key Partner Organization participates on World Forestry Congress (WFC) XXIV. With the support from the ASEAN-Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change (ASFCC), ASFN will host two Side Events one on September 8, and the other

  • Recommendation of ASFN 6th Conference

    Adopted by the 18th ASEAN Senior Officials on Forestry (ASOF) Meeting, Yogyakarta, 6-8 August 2015 In June 2014, the ASOF endorsed the Strategies and Mechanisms to Strengthen ASEAN cooperation in Social Forestry that were Adopted by the ASFN in the 5th ASFN Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in May 2014. Following

  • Land rights and tenure security issues dominate 6th ASFN conference discussions

    Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar. Land rights and secure tenure top the list of ‘must haves’ if smallholders and local farmers are to successfully integrate to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) once it is fully implemented this year. Participants and delegates argue that rights and secure tenure will lessen the

  • ASFN Knowledge Roadshow

    Head of ASFN Secretariat Ms Sagita Arhidani received one of the non-timber forest products (NTFP) made of bamboo lamination for stationeries, from Director General Dr. Theerapat Prayurasiddhi witnessed by Director of Community Forestry Management Bureau of the Royal Forestry Department (RFD) who is the ASFN Leader for Thailand Mr. Pralong

  • ASFN Secretariat and ASFN Myanmar Secretariat

    ASFN Secretariat and ASFN Myanmar Secretariat took a picture after Meeting in Nay Pyi Taw on 31 March 2015 with one of the main agenda was preparing for the ASFN 6th Conference and 9th Annual Meeting. The Meeting that was chaired by Deputy Director General Mr Zaw Min, was also

  • 4th Meeting of the AHSC on CCFS

    The Fourth Meeting of the Ad-Hoc Steering Committee on Climate Change and Food Security (4th AHSC-CCFS) for implementing the ASEAN Multisectoral Framework on Climate Change: Agriculture and Forestry Towards Food Security (AFCC) was organized on 23-24 March 2015 in Bogor, Indonesia. Participants of the Meeting were the Chairpersons and the

  • Integration of Adaptation and Mitigation in Climate Change and Forest Policies in Indonesia and Vietnam

    Forests play a major role in both climate change mitigation and adaptation, but few policies, if any, integrate these two aspects. Using Indonesia and Vietnam as case studies, we identify challenges at the national level but opportunities at the local level. Although both countries demonstrate political commitment to integrating adaptation

  • Current status of Social Forestry in climate change adaptation and mitigation in ASEAN region

    This report covers eight ASEAN countries (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia (particularly the state of Sabah), Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam). The report examines the current status of social forestry in climate mitigation and adaptation in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and aims to update the

  • ASEAN Cooperation in Forestry

    In contributing to the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint: A.7. Food, Agriculture and Forestry Enhance intra- and extra- ASEAN trade and long-term competitiveness of ASEAN’s food, agriculture and forestry products/commodities. Promote cooperation, joint approaches and technology transfer among ASEAN Member Countries and international, regional organisations and private sector: Develop joint strategies/