Community Forest / CF Cambodia has been established since mid 1990’s. Up to now there have been 455 CFs managing about 400,000 ha forest. Those CFs are under National Community Forest Program Coordination Committee (NCFPCC)

Four Key Points of Community Forest

  • Decentralized Forest Management.
  • Community Forestry identification and formalization.
  • Community institutional and livelihood development.
  • Community Forestry development support services.



Priorities of Community Forest in Cambodia are to:

  • Halt deforestation by maintaining or increasing forest cover.
  • Provide direct and indirect benefits for local communities.
  • Support rural development strategy and livelihood improvement.
  • Support decentralization policy of government.
  • Enhance natural environment condition.

Community Forestry (CF) Policy Framework

  • Forestry law
  • CF Sub-decree and CF Guideline
  • Royal Goverment of Cambodia rectangular
  • National Forest Program
    • 2 Million ha. of CF by year 2029
    • 4 CF Models
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries/MAFF encourages Non Timber Forest Products/NTFPs trading from CFs.

National Policy Addressing Climate Change

  • 2015 maintain forest cover in 60% of total area.
  • Study for the REDD Pilot project
  • Institutional arrangement.
  • Maximum benefit to local communities from carbon credit.

Social Forestry Role in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption

  • Maintain the forest cover for REDD.
  • Improve CF livelihood through forest management and utilization.
  • Forest resources increase.

Experiences of Community Forest in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

  • CF Management Plan
  • Home Garden
  • Bio – Digester
  • NTFP Enterprise for honey, rattan, resin etc
  • Small Credit / Saving Group
  • Capacity building “training for action” on climate change adaptive capacities
  • REDD+ pilot projects being implemented:
    • 13 CF sites = 64,318 Ha (Oddar Meanchey)
    • 37 CF sites = 18,122 Ha (Siem Reap)

Key Adaptation Planning Incorporated within Forest Sector

  • Climate change adaptation activities into CF management planning
  • National Forest Program (2010-2029) and NFP planning
  • NFP capacity building programs and plans
  • Linking sustainable livelihood with Community base natural resource management planning
  • Linking to climate change strategy plan.

Key Activities of Community Forests in Cambodia

  • CF Legalization
  • CF livelihood improvement
  • Capacity building of all key stakeholders
  • Carbon credit from Avoided Deforestation: a pilot project in CFs

Next Steps

  • Strengthening the NCFPCC and setup the Province Community Forestry Program Coordination Committee (PCFPCC)
  • Develop the CF Management Plan development Manual
  • Upscale the Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) enterprise
  • Upscale the agro-silvi-pasteral system
  • Bio-digesters