World Agroforestry Center – ICRAF

The International Council for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF) was created in 1978 in order to promote agroforestry research in developing countries. ICRAF role in ASFCC includes research, analysis and synthesis, bridging research and capacity building, institutional development of community forest management (CFM), policy dialogues and experience sharing.
The activities will be carried out in ICRAF:

  • Research on NTFPs in Vietnam
  • Research on agroforestry mapping in Vietnam
  • Research on indigenous knowledge in landscape management in Thailand
  • Analysis & synthesis of Agroforestry relevant topics, (agroforestry & climate change & food security) in ASEAN countries
  • Capacity building by incorporating ICRAF’s tools& methods in various trainings in ASEAN countries
  • Support institutional development of CFM in Vietnam
  • Policy dialogues on Agroforestry, Land rights, NTFP & commercialization in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
  • Support Vietnam in learning best practices, e.g. mangrove & upland forest management, from other countries in Thailand and Philippines Add Contact Form

For more information: http://www.worldagroforestry.org/

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