The Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC) has been a partner with ASFN since 2011. RECOFTC has been continuously contributing to strengthen the ASEAN Social Forestry Network (ASFN) since its inception in 2011 through the ASEAN Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change (ASFCC) program.

The role of RECOFTC in ASFN are:

  • Developing capacity of ASEAN countries in the area of social forestry, food security and climate change.
  • Coordinating shared knowledge among ASEAN countries.
  • Strengthening national social forestry working group in ASEAN countries.
  • Supporting ASEAN countries in developing adaptation strategies and upscaling social forestry best practices.

RECOFTC, as one of the ASFCC partner has delivered various activities towards the achievement of the ASFCC outcomes: coordinated social forestry framework, knowledge sharing and learning interventions, through training and capacity development, learning groups, action research, dialogues and active participation in various outreach events.



Based on 2010-2013 social forestry data from national governments provided by members of the ASEAN-Swiss Partnership on Social Forestry and Climate Change Learning Group. For more information:

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